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typically. president obama did especially well right here in denver, and i just obscured it with my circling, but up there in boulder county. also pueblo county, he is expected to do well. but the rest of the state, well, what are you seeing in terms of support for mitt romney this time around? >> well, mitt romney's doing really well. you know, last week he had a rally at red rocks where he got, you know, 10,000 people, and then they were turning people away. tried to go see him and paul ryan. this saturday he's got another rally at a big sort of concert arena that holds 18,000 people. the campaign says they're hoping to fill that, they think they're going to fill that. but, you know, last night president obama was in boulder which is a blue area of the state simply trying to get out the vote at this point. i don't think anyone thinks there's that many undecided voters, so they need every single young voter they registered, and there were 10,000 people there. so we're in the middle of crazy time. there's eight rallies in four days between the four vice presidential and presidential candidat
in full swing now. president obama as you just saw is in wisconsin right now, but he'll be in three other states today, nevada, and colorado as well before heading to ohio tonight. vice president joe biden is in iowa. first lady michelle obama is in florida. meanwhile governor romney is in virginia. his running mate congressman paul ryan is making the round in colorado and nevada. his wife, ann romney is campaigning in ohio and his son tag romney is in pennsylvania. fox news has a brand-new national poll that shows the obama biden ticket tied with the romney ryan ticket at 46% among likely voters. the latest "real clear politics" national polling average also shows a tie 47.4 each. let's go to the man with his crystal ball, larry sabato director for the center of politics at the university of virginia. larry graze into that crystal ball and tell us who wins. >> yeah, the popular vote is very, very close, and the election stoerl college vote i theee electoral college vote will not be a landslide for either of the candidates. we are working on the final projection. obama is closer to 270 th
coming in the mountain state. the latest on blizzard conditions right now in west virginia. >>> plus, less than a week away, six days until the presidential election, governor romney and president obama about to return to the campaign trail. we'll update you. >> reporter: fox news alert, we're here in the control room monitoring the after effects of santa, and we -- sandy, and that's a live picture from el cins, west virginia. snow on the ground, we'll tell you about the blizzard-like conditions there and what's in store. also the stock market back in business today after a two-day shutdown. the stock exchange running on generators, will we see a hurricane rally? down about 14 points right now. and, oh, yeah, election day is six days away. we'll tell you how each candidate is adjusting his schedule post-sandy and where they each are today. all of that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. ♪ jenna: well, disaster, devastation, rick just showed us a little bit, now millions of americans are struggling to recover. this record storm leaving behind a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)